Marte Siebenhar, photo by Ekaterina Juskowski

Marte Siebenhar, photo by Ekaterina Juskowski

Marte is a trusted advisor, coach, and mentor for the Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp community, and has become a critical partner of mine in leading the program as well. She gives fresh, honest advice, has tremendously valuable perspective and context that helps leaders take their projects to the next level.
— Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, Founder and CEO, Radical Partners

Cultured Innovations

Mission & Values

Our mission is to empower high-impact individuals and companies. Drawing on both artistry and business savvy, we combine creativity and strategy to help people discover new possibilities and become successful on purpose.

We value empathy and optimism. We invest in human potential: the leaders and teams that are making the world a better place. We emphasize learning, trust, accountability, empowerment and plenty of fun along the way.

Most of all, we succeed when our clients thrive.

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in interaction and deep listening. Whether through a team retreat, corporate creativity session, marketing or strategic plan, coaching on a specific long- or short-term area of personal or professional focus or beyond, we help clients identify roadblocks, envision optimal outcomes and co-create solutions that will help them realize success.

What We Do

Customized strategy and content consulting

Creativity, strategy development, team building sessions

One-on-one coaching with individuals and leaders

Our Clients

Corporate and nonprofit teams and individuals