How to live a big life? Start with intention.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

What happens when you intend your way through life?

Most of us go through life and business responding to things, people, situations.

This means that day in, day out, all day, every day, our identity is comprised of thoughts, words and actions, in service of the external. This means we are driven and compelled primarily by responding to other people’s issues, problems, wants, agendas.

There’s nothing wrong with responding, of course.

But being ever in response mode becomes a problem if you want to live a life of purpose. If you want to live a life on purpose. If you want to create a truly meaningful experience here on earth. If you want to accomplish something big, coloring outside the lines of what’s normal or expected in life.

Because if you want to do those things, to live that life, functioning in response mode isn’t going to work.

You can’t respond your way into a big life or a big career or a big bank account.

Only you can be the visionary, the creator of what you want for you. And to realize your vision, you must be intentional. And being intentional starts with an intention.

This is the heart of achieving success on purpose.

Intentions are powerful, big or small.

Look at the difference:

I want to drive safely today.

My goal is to drive safely today.

I intend to drive safely today.


I want to be happy.

My goal is to be happy.

I intend to be happy.


I want to be healthy.

My goal is to be healthy.

I intend to be healthy.


I want to be rich.

My goal is to be rich.

I intend to be rich.


It’s subtle, but can you feel the difference between wanting, goals and intending?

Intending puts what you are aiming for out there in a specific way. An intention implies action. Action you claim.

It is your word. An intention is a mini-commitment. It is a soft expectation. It gets the wheels turning. It is focused and achievable. It’s less vague than a goal and more powerful than a want. It claims forward movement but also leaves space for magic to happen.

The beauty of intentions is that you can use them to create a series of powerful miniature visions for you and your life, in practically no time, throughout the day. Intentions focus you in the present and increase your awareness of what is happening.


I intend to let my family know I love them.

I intend to make a difference for a colleague or a client today.

I intend to add value to this meeting.

I intend to create a powerful business.

I intend to be present for my kids this weekend.

I intend to double sales this month.

I intend to have more fun this week.

I intend to relax and rest like it’s the weekend on Tuesday night.

I intend to savor this delicious bite of this amazing meal my boyfriend made for me.

In every segment of your day, what would happen if you experimented with being (more) intentional?

As you realize your intentions as they unfold, you feel more eager about life. It feels good to keep your word. It’s exciting to see your intentions fulfilled. Your focus increases. As you create your intentions and see them take shape, your enthusiasm grows. You begin to show up in your life differently. You notice you are more present, you are enjoying your life more.

The net effect is living a life of intention. It’s energizing. It can be life-changing. Because when you intend, then take or allow action in tandem with that intention, and things take shape just so, and your intention is fulfilled, it feels amazing. You feel amazing when this happens. You feel like a rock star, a manifestation machine.

And you can become a manifestation machine, using intention.

Because allowing yourself to create a vision through small intentions and then receive it, is manifestation. When you intend, and allow your intentions to become, you step into your power.

And creating small things can give you the confidence and wisdom to be able to envision and realize big things. Getting there takes practice being intentional. And creating for yourself a new response mode, one that slows things down for you enough that you can ask yourself how you intend to respond, before you respond.

So, what kind of life do you intend for yourself? What fun will you have practicing? What will you create when you step into your power of intention?