Radical Receiving Online 30-day Challenge

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Radical Receiving Online 30-day Challenge


What does receiving mean in your life?

Are you comfortable giving, but feel selfish or guilty about receiving?

Do you want to open up more possibilities in your life for joy, love, freedom, money, and career, but you’re not sure how to get started?

If this feels familiar, and you’re ready to experiment, this is for you.

What is it?

Join us November 1-30, 2019 for an online challenge designed to to amplify how you accept, allow, and receive. The idea is that in less than 15 minutes per day, for roughly the cost of a latte per day, over the course of 30 days, you’ll get introduced to new ideas, practice applying them, share and learn, open up new possibilities, and expand your potential to receive and manifest.

How does it work? 

Upon registering, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group. Every day, visit this group to watch a live or recorded video segment. Each 1-5 minute video introduces a core concept for the day and an assignment to complete on your own, plus bonuses like guided visualizations, suggested readings and additional videos. The group is also a platform for engagement and dialogue around the concepts being explored. 

What have you got to lose by allowing more into your life? What would happen if you practiced radical receiving for one month?

Have questions?

Join Marte for a brief Q&A session Wed, October 23 at 12pm on Facebook live to get your questions answered about the challenge. You can post your questions on the event page before, during, or after she goes live.

Registration closes Oct. 29!

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